"Therapeutic Yoga benefits people living with auto-immune disorders, cancer, chronic health challenges and pain or those who simply prefer a gentler yoga practice."


  • Lowers the level of stress hormones that encourage inflammation
  • Reduces cytokines leading to a relieve of severe pain seen in diseases like fibromyalgia
  • Promotes body balance, sense of control and confidence
  • Inhibits inflammation that can weaken cancerous cells
  • Encourages connections with emotions and inner wisdom
  • Promotes healing


” I would recommend attending similar classes with Regina as I learned a lot. I found the mindfulness and breathing practices and also the Yoga Nidra very good.”

” I found the movements very useful and the mindfulness and breathing practices very nice. Overall, I enjoyed the classes very much and loved that suggestions and feedback were always welcome during the lessons.  I would recommend attending similar classes with Regina; I think it is very beneficial for everybody to do some form of yoga.”

Thursdays 10:00 - 11:15 am

Location: Saanich Commonwealth Place, SCP MP Studio, 4636 Elk Lake Drive Victoria, BC, V8Z 5M1 Phone: 250-475-7600

You can also register at the Registration Desk or pay for drop-in classes!

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