Yoga Therapy

Ayurvedic Wellness

Yoga Therapy supports, balances, and empowers health and wellness holistically adapting the science and practices of Yoga to individual needs and western lifestyle.

The “Science of Life” – Ayurveda – offers self-care tools and insights customized for each person’s needs to re-balancing their wellness and lifestyle.

I welcome you with all your imperfections, aches and pains and listen to your needs and goals. I love to custom design programs for my clients and see them flourish towards the best well-being at this moment in their lives.

Yoga for Healthy Aging


Esquimalt Recreation Centre

starting on May 11



Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy supports, balances, and empowers health and wellness holistically allowing the trained Yoga Therapist to adapt a multitude of practices to individual needs, body shapes, physical abilities, and western lifestyle. Yoga Therapy combines knowledge and wisdom of the ancient practices of Yoga with modern science.

Ayurvedic Wellness

Ayurveda means “The Science of Life”. Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences going to the Vedas. One of Ayurveda’s central ideas is that balance makes for a healthy body and mind.  Human imperfection is compassionately considered and Ayurveda offers many life-style practices that aim to bring balance back and prevent dis-ease from happening. 


Choose customizes series of bring a buddy, family member, partner for  semi-private affordable customized Yoge Therapy sessions.

I would also be delighted to custom design a program for you. Approach me with your ideas, needs, and goals.


Therapeutic Yoga community classes at Recreation and Community Centres in the the Greater Victoria area. Currently at SEAPARC Leisure Centre, Esquimalt Recreation Centre and Saanich Commonwealth Place. COVID-19 protocols in place. Find out what’s new and register directly with these community organizations.

nourish * empower * transform

Diversity is honoured and individual needs are met with an open and inclusive understanding of life experiences. Teaching is sharing and learning with and from each other allowing us to be nourished, empowered and transformed.

My Approach 

I listen to you and support your needs

Individual intake for all private sessions and programs


I listen to what you share and support your needs and goals


I offer topic related learning and relevant hand-outs


I will support your self-care and home practice


I adhere to professional ethics and my scope of practice and will refer to other professionals when appropriate

“"I really wasn't sure what to expect but wanted a class that did not push me beyond my limits. The mindfulness and breathing practices were excellent and prepared us to be present with intention. Movements were varied and different from class to class. I liked closing with Kirtan Kriya as it brought more mindfulness towards the original intention. Regina's soft nature is so welcoming; she is willing to meet us where we are in our awareness and body."

– JB, Victoria

"I would recommend Regina. I feel anyone who takes her private sessions would benefit from her calm, thorough, thoughtful approach. I feel the most valuable thing is that Regina listens to her client, and then develops a specific program/therapy to suit their needs. And within that she is making adjustments and addressing concerns as neededs.”

– JDH, private client Victoria

"The workshop exceeded my expectations. I liked the atmosphere and set up of the room. The chosen music was beautiful. Concepts of balance and how it relates to the elements were very well explained in theory and practice. I found the the various aspects of Ayurveda that were talked about very interesting and found my questions were answered. Overall points about living a healthier and happier life were very useful. I would highly recommend any workshop with Regina."

– MBA, Victoria

My Practice


Various locations in Sooke and Greater Victoria with COVID precautions and adherence to public health orders.

Private sessions in person or on zoom

Text or call 250-857-0011 to find out more or book a session.

Open Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 9 am - 5 pm currently only by appointment due to COVID safety precautions.

Additional times available upon request.

Private Zoom sessions on request.

Please be in touch.