About Me

Yoga Therapist  (C-IAYT) Ayurvedic Wellness Counsellor  


What you can expect?

In my Yoga Therapist practice I specialize in back care, pelvic health, neuromuscular conditions such as MS and PD as well as, preparing and recovering from knee and hip surgery. I also support clients with chronic inflammatory diseases, persistent pain and cancer. I use a trauma informed approach and offer Yoga Nidra as a form of deep relaxation and guided meditation.

Ayurvedic assessments may inform  therapeutic yoga sessions. I also offer Ayurvedic Wellness Counselling supporting clients interested in their well-being and lifestyle balance.

I am a certified and registered Yoga Therapist with over 1500 hours of training (C-IAYT, CYA). I also hold certification as Ayurvedic Wellness Councillor and have taken special training in Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC – as taught by Christopher Germer and Kristin Neff), Yoga for Cancer, Yoga for Seniors and Yoga Therapy for Pelvic Health.

My thourough training and educations allows me to customize private and small group sessions, workshops and therapeutic Yoga Classes to personal needs, abilities, and health conditions.

Find healing and balance with the ancient tools and practices of Yoga and Ayurveda supporting your body, mind, and soul.

About Me

I believe that Yoga Therapy integrates and compliments other healing modalities and treatments of disease or injury. My own experience with cancer has allowed me to experience the gentle power of yoga, mindfulness, deep relaxation and meditation as a way to support treatment, recovery, rehabilitation and ultimately healing. Finding a new balance after traumatic life experiences including disease, its treatments and side effects can be daring. With appropriate support allowing the mind-body connection to flourish such experiences can become meaningful and transformative.

Accredited Member since 2017

Canadian Yoga Alliance

Gold Member since 2014

Regina is a Member

Member since 2019


My mission for Centre Balance is that diversity is honoured and individual needs are met with an open and inclusive understanding of life experiences. My aim is to accommodate client needs with engaged and caring support based on scientific knowledge, professionalism and compassion for human imperfection.

With Yoga Therapy I offer wellness and healing options based on ancient wisdom and western science adaptable to any physical body, mind and emotions.

With Ayurveda Wellness Counselling I offer self-care tools based on the Science of Life – Ayurveda – adaptable to each person’s needs for re-balancing lifestyle and wellness.

 Cultural Acknowledgment

“I acknowledge that I live, work, and dream on the traditional, unceded, ancestral lands of the Tla’amin Nation, the Coast Salish tribe living in the qathet region of the Sunshine Coast. Through them I am reminded of those who have gone before, creatures small and big who have been faithful stewards of the rich resources and cultural teachings of this land and its Peoples.

I also would like to acknowledge that I am a white settler arriving on these lands as a German immigrant and that I am committed to continued learning about the historical and ongoing effects of colonialism, truth and reconciliation.

I have deep reverence for the teachings and practices of yoga and acknowledge that they are not of my cultural ancestry. I continue to learn with openness and respect for yogic teachings that come from the Vedic lineage dating back 5000 years.

I welcome people of diverse backgrounds including BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour), LGBTQIA2S+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning or Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Two-spirited …), neurodiversity, as well as religious and spiritual beliefs. 

My practice is trauma-informed and based on special training with an awareness of the impact of trauma. I aim to offer physical, psychological, and emotional safety for everyone supporting survivors to rebuild a sense of control and empowerment for themselves.

I commit to continued learning that informs my choices, commitments, and practices as a certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and adhere to my Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice.”



Do I need to know Yoga?

No, anyone and any body is welcome. As a Yoga Thereapist I have learned how to customize sessions and classes and accommodate each person. That is why I work with intake form: Understanding needs, goals, physical, mental, and emotionals circumstances helps me prepare and come up with adaptations.


What is the difference between Yoga and Yoga Therapy?

A Yoga Therapy class or session is typically much smaller allowing for more personalized attention to meet the participants needs preventing injuries and supporting healing and wellness. Initial certification of a Yoga Therapist involves over 1000 hours of training including education on diseases and scientific applications of Yoga Therapy. Recertification is required every three years and based on continuous professional training from accredited providers.


Do you have a COVID-19 Protocol in place?

Yes, absolutely. I clean and sanitize my own props after each client and offer participants to bring their own props. I encourage the use of masks even thought this is currently not mandatory. Each community centre adheres to a specific BCCDC approved protocol limiting the number of participants, enhancing sanitation and cleaning, disallowing the use of communal props. Please ask me about more details. You can also book a online (Zoom) session with me.


What do Yoga and Ayurveda have to do with each other?

Both Yoga and Ayurveda go back over 3000 years to the texts known as Vedas. They are considered sister sciences and compliment each other. Ayurveda can inform your yoga practice and a practioners to choose adequate personalized yoga therapy sessions. Yoga with its variety of movement forms (asanas) and inward oriented  practices (pratyahara, dhyana) may be suggested in Ayurveda to bring balance back to a person’s life.

My Practice


Since May of 2022 I am located in Powell River, BC, after settling in and working on an organic farm I am now ready to offer Therapeutic Yoga.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about my  offerings.

Open Hours

Pre-registered classes will start in January of 2023 at the PR Rec Complex.

Please contact me directly, if you are interested in other options.